the comic festiva

Updated image from the Stockholm international comic festival, now with some shading


Upcoming exhibition starting 23 May to 5 of September, Märsta konsthall. (in Sweden) Varmt välkommen på vernissage lördagen den 23 maj kl.13.00 av utställningen STADEN med verk av Mattias Adolfsson och Simon Anund på Konsthall Märsta, Kulturtorget 7, Märsta Centrum. Utställningen visar illustrationer av Mattias Adolfsson samt betongstaden Fragile av Simon Anund; olika tolkningar av vad som formar en stad och ett samhälle.

Stockholm Comic Festival

I will be signing books at the Sanatorium stand at Stockholm International Comic festival today and tomorrow

the Broad boys

Klaxon strip festival in Antwerpen

This weekend my books will be available at the Klaxon stripfestival, unfortunately I can't be there in person but you can buy a doodled copy of one of my books.

Sanatorium Förlag + Klaxon
Sanatorium have been invited to the Klaxon [ˈklɑksɔn] stripfestival in Antwerp 9-10 may. But since we will be at SIS – Stockholm international comics festival – at the same time our books will have to travel to Belgium on their own ... books by Mattias Adolfsson (Second in line & Larger than line) and Erik Svetoft (Limbo) will be for sale at the Bries table. Some of the books by Mattias Adolfsson are signed and doodled so hurry to get your copies!

Teaching a fox the secrets about drawing

Off to Moscow I will hold a three day workshop at Bratec Lis School. I held two last year and had a great time so I'm really looking forward to it.

Norwegian State Railways illustration

Finished commission piece I did a couple of weeks ago. The illustration is for NSB (Norwegian State Railways) the ad agency is Pol Oslo. It clocked in just under 70 hours worth of drawing and painting.